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Perfect Choice Chocolate Cream
With Cocoa White Cream
Origin Turkey
Price CNF USD 1.20 for 350 Grams Jars
Packing 12 Jars Per Carton
1x20 3000 Cartons
Shelf Life 18 Months
Fresh Production

Perfect Choice Chili Sauce
Origin Vietnam
Text English
Size 560 grams x 24 bottles per carton
1x20 1000 cartons

Perfect Choice Tomato Ketchup
Origin U.A.E.
Text full English
Size 340 grams x 24 glass or plastic bottles per carton
1x20 1800 cartons 1x40 2950 cartons
Size 500 grams x 12 glass or plastic bottles per carton
1x20 1900 cartons 1x40 3800 cartons
Delivery 4 weeks

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