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Coffee is a delicate commodity requires special attention to every aspect of it's quality.
Perfect Choice is the solution to your everyday coffee needs - combining quality taste with the ease and convenience!
Convenience & choice of selection!
Perfect Choice Original Coffee - New Round Sleeves Jar
Coffee Type Aglo (Granules) Coffee
Origin Ecuador (Pack in EU)
Text English-Arabic-French
Delivery 4-6 Weeks
All Fresh Stock
Shelf Life 2 Years
Container Quantity
50 Grams X 24 Jars 1900 Cartons 1 X 40 4300 Cartons
100 Grams X 24 Jars 1600 Cartons 1 X 40 4500 Cartons
200 Grams X 12 Jars 1650 Cartons 1 X 40 4600 Cartons
Perfect Choice Agglomerated Coffee - round Jar
Origin Brazil
Text full English
50g x 12jars/tray
100g x 12jars
200g x 12jars
Perfect Choice Agglomerated Coffee - Tins
Origin Brazil
Text full English
50g x 24 tins
100g x 24 tins
200g x 12 tins
Perfect Choice Classic 3 In One Coffee
Origin Malaysia
Packing 20 grams x 50pcs bag x 20 bags er carton
1x20 450 cartons 1x40 h/q 1000 cartons

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